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You produce – we sell. This simple statement accurately explains the concept of the services provided by BizBox Customer Services. Materials from your Marketing Department enable us to prepare a web presentation, create the product catalogue, price lists and launch on-line sales including connection to payment gateways, stocks and carriers.

We arrange both domestic and foreign sales in different currencies and languages. We design and launch pricing and content campaigns along with providing the complex sale support. We take over the burden of business communication with the customers and at the end of each month we comprehensibly tally your accounts.

It's simple without worry nor hassle.

Key Features

  • We prepare a customized presentation and commercial solutions for you.
  • We sell your products by means of a global network of payment gateways.
  • We communicate with your customers for you.
  • Each month we’ll send you your revenues.
  • We utilize BizBox a global commercial platform.
  • Your staff can check your financial progress online.